Alberico Lemme

Who am I

I am Dr. Lemme, a food consultant pharmacist.
Above all, I am an explorer.
In 2000 I founded Filosofia Alimentare, a counter-current and avant-garde thought, through
which I demonstrated that eating to satiety and taste you lose weight, following the hormonal
biochemical reactions of each human being.
With my method I made over 45,000 people lose weight in health and without counting
I have written and published 3 books to explain to the world the evolution of paradigms in the
field of dietetics.
I marked the beginning of the new era in which food is considered and used in a biochemical
Hear hear, without counting calories, the biggest food lie of the last millennium
I want to clarify that I am not a character fit for purpose.
I am just like that, always myself, out of my mind, I do not seek the approval of others and
much less yours, I am never afraid to tell the truth. I have no goal and no purpose, not even
to change the world, which I will do anyway; It will happen without your knowledge, despite
the fact that you oppose it with all your might, using your emotional brain against me.

Efficiency is my passion

My iconic mottos



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