Scientifical researches

Dear detractors, the scientific part about all the big truths I disclose it’s available on each & every book about Biochemistry, Physiology, Biology and Pharmacology, the very same books you studied on to pass your university exams with excellent grades.
Which was your mistake then? And where my superiority?  My genius consists in having applied Biochemistry theory to practice and being able to explain and taught to a common Mrs Maria with extreme easiness without speculating as you normally do because you live in the culture of the build-up.

I made a gift to mankind. I’ve called it Filosofia Alimentare : it teaches to cure oneself with food to lose weight, to get cured from diabetes 2, hypertension, bulimia and anorexia.

Obviously you do not like all of this because it damages your profession, your credibility and at last but not at least your economical interests. So I understand you and I feel sorry for you. You are small ants who annoy me with your babbling. That’s for sure but that’s it. As regards as my scientific truths you keep asking for the dissemination of scientific knowledge, but I remind you that it has already been made and you know by whom? By you!
Because you find them all in my 3 books ( “La Rivoluzione Dimagrante” Mondadori edition, “La Dieta Lemme”, “L’uomo che sussurrava ai ciccioni – i segreti di Filosofia Alimentare – Dr. Lemme, Filosofia Alimentare edition ).
Read them if you feel like challenging yourself. I warn you: when you read them you’ll get shocked and I’m sorry about that because fundamentally I love you and I’m very respectful of your psyche and of that the socio economical balance that you have created. Dr. Lemme