What is filosofia alimentare?

‘Filosofia Alimentare’ ( nutritional philosophy ) is not a diet but a school of thought focused on energy and health.

It’s an educational food path based on biochemistry, for evoluted people, which cleans up the last 100 years of medical dietology and you learn that calories ( the unit of measure of thermal energy ) are just a hoax! Fats do not get fat, sugar increases blood pressure, salt gets you fat, fruits & tomatoes rise cholesterol and bulimia is an hormonal disorder not a psychological one.
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With Filosofia Alimentare you’ll get the following results:

A general weight loss, up to 30 pounds a month, eating your fill with regular foods.
Weight loss aimed on body parts you desire

Cellulite will be permanently deleted


Balanced approach to food, not hostile at all, without feeling guilty after eating


Adjustment of the intestinal functions

Body shaping in a sculptural way just losing fat and not muscle mass

Normalised sleep


 Concentration improved


Feeling in shape and full of energy in a perfect psycho physical balance

Prevention & cure of all pathologies connected to a wrong nutrition
(diabetes 2, hypertension, bulimia, obesity etc.) 

This path can be of the following kinds: omnivore, vegetarian, vegetarian with meat, vegetarian with fish or vegan.
It is divided in two phases: the 1st phase or weight loss and the 2nd phase or maintenance.

The weight loss phase

lasts until the achievement of the chosen target. Every two days Dr. Lemme will give you some advice on which food to eat according to the individual metabolic reactions related to the changes of weight, of waist circumference, age, sex, season etc.

The life phase

in which you’ll include many other foods and new recipes in your feeding path. You’ll also learn how to preserve the psychological balance achieved eating anything without getting fat anymore.