Lemme World

The Academy

What is Academy

I founded Filosofia Alimentare as an academy to make people understand and transmit that
mine is a food educational path in a biochemical key, unique in the world, where all the
dogmas of official dietetics are questioned, with demonstrations on the scientific level and
with tangible and real results.

In fact, you can study the method by reading the books of dr. Lemme, by attending the
seminars he holds throughout Italy for free and participating in cooking classes (suitable for
everyone, even to the aforementioned starred chefs who will be able to experience how
cooking times, food cuts can bring a different hormonal response).

The academy is based on a concept that thanks to myself is revolutionizing the world of

Calories are no longer calculated, but the hormonal effect is taken into account.

I not only give you the opportunity to lose weight by eating common foods that you find at the
supermarket to satisfy your hunger, but also to understand the basics of food biochemistry to
become dieticians of yourself and obtain a psycho-physical well-being thanks to the use of
food as a medication.