Cooking school

Cooking classes are the umpteenth possibility I give you to evolve.

“Eating” is not just a mechanical practice which happens in the act of swallowing something and allows to live. It is also the result of a set of cultural and economical factors which takes shape in the moment we sit around a table setting.

Conviviality and social relationships stimulated by eating in company lead us to act without thinking to what happens in our organism. So we act with superficiality and poor knowledge of facts.
It’s good to find the right balance between the socio-cultural and nutritional constituents.

If you do that for yourself, you do it for your health.

You must assess food not just for the taste or the pleasure we can get from it, but also considering it from a biochemical point of view, that is using it as we were swallowing a medicine with knowledge of facts and biochemical effects. Taste and health are not incompatible and a healthy dish eaten by everybody does not take away the liveliness of social life which will continue to stay. 

You’ll learn to cook in a healthy and tasty way simple foodstuffs you find at the supermarket. You’ll realize that the cooking times along with the method of food cuts have positive or negative effects.

Cooking classes are restricted on numbers and highly selective, so if you feel ready and want to accept this challenge you can call for further info 0362 304161