Filosofia Alimentare is an educational food path based on biochemical principles created by Dr. Lemme.

It allows to lose 30 pounds a month eating your fill without counting calories. There are two ways to start this path.

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How to achieve the ideal body weight in good health eating in a biochemical way the food you can easily find in the shop near you.

It lasts until the achievement of the target aimed.
Every two days you’ll get some advice about which food you must eat to achieve the target according to the data entered and the changes of weight/centimetres.


Food education to keep the ideal body weight and health.

You shift from the losing weight phase to the life phase when the target is finally achieved or at least a month of the losing weight phase.
The Life Phase teaches how to keep the result and the enzymatic, hormonal and psychological balance.
It’s a nutritional education in a biochemical way.
Menus are rich of new food and recipes.