The academy

What is the Academy?

I founded Alimentary Philosophy like an academy to make it clear that mine is an alimentary educational path according to biochemistry patterns, unique in the world, where all the dogmas of official dietetics are called into question with demonstrations based on scientific plans with tangible and real results.

The Academy is based on the concept ,which thanks to I the undersigned, is revolutionazing the world of dietetics:

You don’t calories anymore but what matters is the hormonal effect.

I don’t give you just the possibility to lose weight eating your fill with food you usually find at the supermarket, but also to understand the basis of alimentary biochemistry in order to become dietician of your own self. You’ll get a psychological and physical well being thanks to the use of food as a medicine.

You’ll be able to study the method reading Doctor Lemme’s books, or taking part to the seminars free of charge he holds throughout Italy, or attending cooking classes for everyone, also for top chefs who will be able to test how the cooking times and the food cuts can produce a different hormonal response.