The diet Lemme


8 Days diet with menus and recipes to lose weight quickly + a keeping in shape phase with a personalised system. It also includes many advice to cook healthy.

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“In this book I’ll teach you the practical implications of my method so that you can realize what it really means to eat according to my Filosofia Alimentare. You’ll get surprised how easy it is and most of all far from what you consider a “diet”. I’ll teach you to cook eating your fill and losing weight, or simply not getting fat. Healing yourself and not getting ill, in a joyful way and with no sacrifices at all”.

Alberico Lemme has theorised his method to lose weight: a nutritional way which does not take into consideration calories so you can eat your fill, fat included. It allows to lose weight gaining energy and health without suffering any hunger.  A method that everybody must fit to his own psychophysical conditions. Once you assimilate the basic principles the final loss of weight and better health conditions are guaranteed. This happened to his 15.000 “cadets”.

In this book Dr. Lemme gives some advice to cook according to Filosofia Alimentare. For example he explains the best cooking times to use, such as how to dress food without using salt and sweeten without sugar.

So he exposes his program in two phases – the first one which is the slimming phase and the second one to keep in shape – with a selection of recipes so you’ll be able to prepare delicious and healthy meals: appetisers, entrees, veggies, fish, meat and all kinds of cakes.

Thanks to a simple interactive game he’ll teach us how to fit nutrition to our taste and our metabolism measuring the effects of food on the body to achieve the right combination for us.


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