The fat people whisperer


The secrets of Filosofia Alimentare 

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In this book there are the basis of nutritional biochemistry with which Dr. Lemme  explains how it can be possible to lose 30 pounds a month eating your fill and to put an end to diabetes 2, hypertension and bulimia. It’s his first book written in 2008 with a publishing house of his own in which he expresses in total freedom his truths about nutrition. He announces a revolution in the dietology world,  the beginning of a new era in which food will be used according to biochemical patterns as a medicine. It’s necessary to warn you of the risk you may bump into when you read my book : it could lead to the awareness of truth so that you’ll realize they made a fool of you since you were born up to nowadays. This book represents an evolutionary breakthrough in the medical and scientific domain and not only. 


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