The slimming revolution


My nutritional philosophy to lose weight without counting calories 

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“My name is Alberico Lemme, known as Dr. Lemme the doc of fat people. In 2000 I founded Filosofia Alimentare an avant-garde thought which goes against the flow because it allows you eat in order to lose weight! Drawing from my studies in Pharmaceutical I use food as a medicine. This is a biochemical – hormonal way to eat. So till nowadays I’ve been able to cure 14.000 people from obesity, diabetes 2, hypertension, bulimia and all the other pathologies due to bad nutrition. At the same time they lost 30 pounds a month. All of that without any medicaments nor herbal teas, without work out, just eating your fill with food. I taught them that the use of calories in the official medical dietology is just a hoax because man is not a heater, he does not burn food but he metabolises it! I dismantled the last 100 years of medical dietology which focused on hypocaloric diets and on work out making the world full of fat people”. 

Famous for several taunts among which “pasta for breakfast”, Alberico Lemme finally exposes in a book his method and gives theoretical but also practical tools so that every patient becomes dietician of his own self learning to bring together various kind of food to cure oneself and being in shape eating your fill. It also includes several menus suitable for vegetarians and omnivores too.


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